The Balanced Entrepreneur

Grinding 24/7 doesn’t guarantee success… but it guarantees burnout!

Being an entrepreneur is hard work, contrary to what Instagram wants you to believe. Honestly, no one knows this better than Black women entrepreneurs. As the fastest growing demographic of entrepreneurs, Black women know the stressors of owning + operating a business, sparse funding, and having to deal with misogyny and racism in the midst of building your dream.

Rarely do Black women have the opportunity to let go of the “professional facade” and truly share their hearts about the frustrations + anxieties of running a business. How do you recover when you can barely get out of bed because you’re so overwhelmed? Who do you talk to when you’re depressed and feel like giving up? Instead of dragging yourself to another networking event, join a nonjudgmental community of sisters to support you through it all.


You'll experience...

60min guided discussion to explore womanhood + entrepreneurship

40min blend of guided meditation + mindful movement to recenter mentally + physically

20min Intention Setting + Connecting


Join us

There are two options available: in-person + virtual

The in-person workshop will be 2 hrs. The virtual workshop will be 90 minutes.


Hi! I'm Davia.

As a therapist + entrepreneur, I can speak to the demands of entrepreneurship and the defeat of burnout. It can be exhausting and isolating. You’re surrounded by people but few people truly get what you’re going through.

That’s why I’m creating The Balanced Entrepreneur, a space for Black women to breathe.

If you’re ready to move beyond the rehearsed elevator speeches in the average entrepreneur “event”, it’s time to join The Balanced Entrepreneur this September.