Going to therapy should be a dream… not a nightmare.

You’ve toyed with the idea of going to therapy for quite some time. You have a friend who’s raved about it for weeks and you’re feeling inspired to get serious about this therapy thing… only to realize you have no idea what you’re looking for and what to expect. You sit down with your laptop and google “how to find a therapist.” Instantly, you’re overwhelmed by too many options and feel like you have more questions than when you started. Sound familiar?

Instead of spending countless hours reading articles and blog posts, join “On The Couch” where I’ll be your personal guide to navigating therapy. I’m here to teach you everything you need to know about making therapy work for you. Our goal is that you never walk away from another session and feel like your time + money was wasted.


In this online workshop, you will…

  • join a 2 hour live discussion with me, a licensed professional counselor (in Wisconsin)

  • gain a better understanding of the therapeutic process from start to finish

  • know what options + rights are available to you as a client


  • this workshop is exclusively for people of color to address our unique needs in therapy

  • learn the differences between therapists and therapy approaches

  • explore cultural considerations: should my therapist be the same race?

  • unlearn stigma: recognize the value in therapy and medication 

  • learn your rights as a client: advocacy in counseling & reporting misconduct

  • receive a script to help you assess compatibility with potential therapists 

  • download a pdf with tips + resources to make therapy more affordable for you


Offered May 21st at 6pm EST/ 5pm CST

This is for you if...

· You’re a person of color (POC) with concerns about working with non-POC clinicians

· You’re considering therapy for the first time + don’t know what to expect

· You’ve tried therapy but aren’t sure what needs to change to get better results

· You’ve taken a hiatus from therapy + want to have a better experience this round.

This may NOT be for you if...

· You are not a person of color

· You don’t believe therapy really works

· You’re looking for someone to “fix it” without putting in much effort

· You want to learn how to use therapy approaches on yourself


I’ve been on both sides of therapy, as a therapist and as a client. I’ve had my fair share of good and bad experiences. Thankfully my training taught me what SHOULD be happening in the therapeutic process and I want to share my wisdom to help you avoid wasting your time on therapists and expensive sessions that aren’t working for you.

Therapy shouldn’t be exhausting, it should be life changing.




Tuesday, may 21st 2019

6:00 pm est / 5:00 pm cst

Afraid you’ll miss the discussion?

A replay will be available until May 26th.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I join the workshop?

The workshop will be hosted via Zoom. A link to join the workshop will be sent the day before the workshop. You will be contacted using the email associated with your registration payment (Paypal). Please keep an eye on your inbox May 20th for the workshop link.

You are encouraged to download the Zoom app to access all the features available. Please be aware that you are still be able to access the workshop without downloading the app.

What happens if I miss the live discussion?

If you’re not able to join or want to watch it again, there will be a limited-time webinar replay available to registered attendees. It will be available until Sunday, May 26th. Please do not share this replay with unregistered attendees.

Can I join this workshop if I’m not a person of color?

This workshop is created exclusively for people of color and I ask that you honor that boundary.

What happens if this isn’t the right fit + I’d like to request a refund?

Due to the nature of this workshop, refunds will not be made available. If you’d like to know if this workshop is a good fit for you, please email info@justdavia.com with questions about suitability.

I’d really love to attend but can’t afford it. Are there sliding scale options?

I don’t believe that finances should be a barrier to mental health education + resources which is why I’ve made several scholarships available.

Scholarship Opportunities

There will be 7 scholarships available for “On The Couch: Getting the most from therapy”.

3 people will receive a FULL scholarship which results in full access to the online workshop, along with digital resources.

4 people will receive a PARTIAL scholarship which results in 50% off the online workshop. Partial scholarship recipients will still receive full access to the online workshop, along with digital resources.

If you would like to sponsor a scholarship, please email scholarships@justdavia.com to learn how to make a donation of $5-$25. Your donation will increase the # of scholarships available.

To be considered:

  • Must be a person of color

  • Must experience financial hardship

To apply, email scholarships@justdavia.com & share why you’d like to attend the online workshop and if you need a partial or full scholarship by May 10th, 2019. Emails received after deadline will not be considered.

*Please do not share traumatic information in your email. The email should be 5-7 sentences max. I’m not trying to make you write a personal statement for college admissions. Everyone will be notified of status by May 12th, 2019.

** If applying for a scholarship, do not pay for the online workshop until after receiving notification about the status of your application. Refunds will not be provided if you or someone else paid for the workshop in advance.