You know the basics of self-care but you’re still feeling overwhelmed.

Whether you’re drowning in a toxic work environment, struggling to say ‘no’ to a challenging client, or using unhealthy coping skills… Davia has created a 4 week program to help you master balance in your personal and professional life.

Over the course of 4 weeks you will...

  • develop a clear idea of work-life balance for your personal needs

  • receive individual consultations to unpack healthy patterns & develop skills to thrive

  • gain awareness of the body through mindfulness & stillness practices

  • connect & learn with fellow helping professionals during workshops



Your guide for the Breathe Easy Intensive

Just Davia

As a former therapist, Davia witnessed how constantly pouring into others with little attention to personal care left many colleagues mentally exhausted, physically ill, and spiritually depleted.

As a result, Davia created the Breathe Easy Intensive to help fellow professionals master mindfulness and minimize burnout.

She has created an insightful 4 week program based on individual consultations, online workshops, and weekly reflection guides to assist you in regaining your passion and motivation for your field. But more importantly, you’ll find restoration and a renewed connection to Self… and peace of mind.

What to expect…

Online Workshops

1st module: “The truth about self-care and how it may or may not be serving you.” This module unpacks coping skills such as escapism, avoidance, and self-medicating. You’ll learn healthy alternatives to fit your personality, schedule, and bank account.

2nd module: “Establishing boundaries in and out of the workplace.” This module emphasizes the need for saying “no” and determining what is worthy of an enthusiastic “yes.” Your ability to say, “no” is critical to establishing healthy boundaries in personal and professional relationships, but also with yourself.

3rd module: “Establishing peace within body & mind.” This module will challenge you to slow down and be intentional about being present through a series of mindfulness practices.

4th module: “Sustaining self-care beyond a month.” This module helps you construct practical self-care and wellness plans that are sustainable for the longterm.

Individual Consultations

  • 30 min introductory call & follow up call

  • 50 min calls each week during The Breathe Easy Intensive to assess challenges, identify root issues, develop healthy alternatives to create peace in the workplace and home life.

Digital Workbooks

Each week you will receive a digital workbook to accompany the week’s module topic. Workbooks are designed to address individual challenges you face through a series of journal prompts, joy and stress trackers, guided meditation downloads, and reflection worksheets. These workbooks will help guide your individual consultations with Davia.

This is for you if you've ever...

· been exhausted by your job

· carried guilt about needing a break

· wanted to improve your self care practices

 · felt isolated and unsupported as a person and helping professional

This may NOT be for you if...

· you want this to replace counseling

· you're resistant to mindfulness practices

· are unwilling to set boundaries in your life and/or career

· you don’t have time to prioritize your wellness





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