I left the workshop motivated

“I decided to participate in this workshop because I have been listening to Davia's podcast, Affirm by Redefine Enough, for a while now. I always feel motivated and understood after listening to Affirm. This workshop was no different. I left the workshop motivated to care for my mental health, and committed to advocating for my well being. Davia was so warm, patient, and understanding throughout the webinar, and created a safe space for everyone. Davia was also very knowledgeable and professional about the information she was presenting. It shows she did her research for the workshop. “ - Luz C.

Content was great

“Davia was very professional and thought through the process of hosting this workshop. I received materials the day before and plenty of reminders. She started the workshop on time and we didn't have any connection issues. Her content was great. I definitely felt like I was talking to someone in my ecosystem as opposed to feeling like I couldn't relate. “ - Diana P.

It wasn't just me

“Being a part of the workshop made me realize "it wasn't just me" when it came to my not-so-great first time experience with therapy. Thanks to this workshop I am feeling better equipped and confident to ask the tough questions and find the right therapist for me.” - Danielle C.