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Mindfulness for Anxiety

Everyone can agree that anxiety sucks.

It has a pervasive way of bleeding into our personal and professional lives... but it doesn't have to be all consuming. Join "Mindfulness for Anxiety" to learn how to stop anxiety from controlling your life.

In this experiential workshop, you will learn various forms of anxiety and begin identifying your different triggers through a guided writing activity. With this awareness, you will develop an anxiety reduction plan under the guidance of workshop facilitator and former counselor, Davia Roberts. Together, you will be guided through a series of mindfulness practices such as meditation, yoga, and boundary setting that can be used to establish a sense of calm and peace in your day.

This workshop will be especially helpful for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and creatives who frequently deal with the anxieties of "Impostor Syndrome." It's a perfect opportunity to be surrounded with other creatives who can relate to your feelings while learning the tools you need to lead a balanced life.

Sept. 18th // 7-8:30 pm // The Lemon Collective

DISCLAIMER: Attending "Mindfulness for Anxiety" does not create a Therapist-Client relationship between you and Davia Roberts, which is only formed when you have signed a client engagement agreement. The information provided in this workshop should not take the place of engaging in a professional relationship with a licensed mental health practitioner.