Burnout is pushing staff to leave their dream jobs.

I can help change that with a wellness makeover.

SXSW 2019, speaking about burnout.

SXSW 2019, speaking about burnout.

Throughout my career, I’ve worked in some of the most challenging work environments. I can attest to the fact that low morale and burnout is palpable the moment you walk into an office, no matter how much staff cares about their work.

Quite frankly, it’s costing agencies their best performing team members. Let me help your agency shift from a culture of burnout to wellness-informed.

You already have wellness initiatives. Do you need this too?

Yes! Yes, you do. Why? Because insurance plans, weight loss challenges, and smoking cessation programs simply aren’t enough. Those programs don’t capture the unique needs of your team members. Nor do they individually coach and teach leadership how to provide a holistic approach as upper-management. My work goes beyond generic programming. Together, we co-create an environment where staff feel supported and valued for their contributions and who they are. No generic wellness program can do that for you!



An anonymous survey is administered to assess for burnout. Survey captures common challenges and uses results to determine greatest needs to improve morale and wellbeing among staff.



Leaders are trained to better understand mental health, identify signs of burnout, recognize cultural bias, and develop systemic and individual plans to support wellness of team members.


Wellness Workshop

Employees are equipped with mental health resources, mindfulness coaching, and advocacy planning to develop personal burnout prevention strategies.


Final Report

Leadership team receives detailed summary outlining agency’s main areas of growth, wellness-informed interventions, and steps needed for successful implementation.


Follow Up

After 3 months, a final survey is administered to assess workplace satisfaction and morale. Results are reviewed via conference call, where additional interventions are presented for continued success.


I want your team to thrive in and out of the workplace!

Credentials:    200 hour Certified Yoga Teacher    Licensed Professional Counselor (WI)


200 hour Certified Yoga Teacher

Licensed Professional Counselor (WI)

With nearly a decade in social services, I’ve had my fair share of stressful work environments. I’ve been everywhere from middle schools to rape crisis centers, and even county jails. Needless to say, I’m very familiar with burnout and how it shows up in the workplace. In fact, burnout prevention led me to becoming a certified yoga teacher.

But I want to do more than prevent burnout for myself. That’s why I’ve committed to using my counseling degree and yoga certification to help professionals reconnect to their “why” and have a long, fulfilling career.

As a result, I’ve become a highly sought out speaker for addressing burnout and compassion fatigue at national conferences, SXSW, start ups, and non-profits. I’m confident your agency will feel the same sense of renewal and motivation like the hundreds I’ve trained. Let’s partner together so you and your agency can be equipped to combat burnout.