You entered the field to make a difference and you've become so busy with helping others that your own peace of mind is no longer a priority. The constant phone calls, emails meetings, and client sessions can be exhausting... but Davia wants you to breathe easy.

As a former therapist, Davia witnessed how constantly pouring into others with little attention to personal care left many colleagues mentally exhausted, physically ill, and spiritually depleted.

As a result, Davia uses her first hand experience and mindfulness approach to create restorative wellness plans for helping professionals like yourself.

With the Breathe Easy workshop, Davia will share practical tips to set healthy boundaries in your career, along with self-care and wellness practices to prioritize your holistic health.


As an attendee you will...

  • identify symptoms of burnout before the crash

  • make self-care accommodate your lifestyle

  • differentiate self-care vs. escapism vs. self-medicating

  • learn mindfulness techniques to use during work days

  • collect a library of resources to support you


This is for you if you've ever...

· been exhausted by your job

· carried guilt about needing a break

· wanted to improve your self care practices

 · felt isolated and unsupported as a person and helping professional

This may NOT be for you if...

· you want this to replace counseling

· you're resistant to mindfulness practices

· are unwilling to set boundaries in your life and/or career

** Sign up for this workshop when you're emotionally ready.**




Thursday, sept. 13th

6:30 cst/ 7:30 est

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