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Each month, Davia will give an honest review of books from 3 categories: wellness/self-development, psychology/trauma, and fun fiction. If you’re interested in one of the books mentioned, regularly check this page for updates and links to buy copies from Amazon.




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wherever you go, there you are

This book is highly suggested for anyone practicing meditation, stillness, and presence. If you’re new to mindfulness… this book may come across as “woo woo” but I hope that won’t deter you from the jewels in this book.

it didn’t start with you

A book that aims to help readers understand the patterns of trauma within family systems. An interesting read about generational trauma. Davia will share concerns with the book during instagram review. **Author is not a licensed mental health clinician**

sing, unburied, sing

A beautiful story that gives light to two distinct narratives of a family across generations. Their perspectives seamlessly blend together themes of hurt, dysfunction, and grief that will anger and soften the hearts of readers.

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