SXSW 2019: Protecting Our Peace

“I watched Davia from afar for a while and liked what she was doing. When SXSW became a thing, I knew immediately that I wanted to have her come. I needed someone who could work with another counselor whom they had never met and have it go well. I needed to ensure that she could develop content for a multiracial, multigenerational, multifaceted room of people that would land with each person, but especially Black people.

[The workshop was] MINDBLOWING. I literally sat in the session she co-lead in complete awe. I cried. I amen'ed. I exhaled. It affirmed me, made me feel seen and offered healing.I loved the intentionality behind the entire workshop. It was clear that she put her entire self into creating space for others to heal and I do not take that for granted. On the back end, she was extremely easy to work with as well. She was upfront about her needs which made it easier to accommodate. I am sincerely grateful.”

-Meagan Harding, Co-Founder of Rosa Rebellion