National Service Coordinators Conference

“I always said yes, even when I was mentally and physically exhausted. I was not taking time for myself, especially when I needed it the most. After attending, 'Breathe Easy: Cultivating peace as helping professionals', I am less stressed at work because I know I am doing my best and remembering to take time for myself. I am able to "say no" now and have learned that taking care of myself is just as important as helping my clients take care of themselves.

Davia was so welcoming and friendly. She did not make me feel guilty for taking time for myself. She told me it was ok to "say no," when I was overwhelmed and could not take on another project. I am able to leave the work at work and enjoy my time outside of work.” - Leigh Anne Hoorman, BSW, Service Coordinator

SafePlace: Power and Oppression Workshop + Mindfulness in the Workplace Workshop

“I struggled to fully ground, connect with mind/body without allowing distractions to interfere. Davia provided mindfulness and meditation activities for my group. Now, I have a better understanding of myself and my body. I definitely strive to be my best self on a daily basis. Davia helped inspire me to be 100% okay with taking care of myself and my wellness.

She also facilitated a workshop on power and oppression for volunteers at our agency and was able to connect a loaded topic in a very relational way. Davia is so personal and professional. She makes you feel welcome, heard, and understood. She also has a way of explaining things to help bring about a deeper awareness.” - Ashleigh Gore, Clinical Social Worker & Manager

1 on 1 Restorative Consultation for Helping Professionals

"[I was] feeling overwhelmed in my professional and personal life (family stressors throughout the year). [After working with Davia,] I have learned to take inventory of my people pleasing tendencies. I am also more comfortable breaking away from disturbing news and monitoring my stress level regarding social justice issues. I was pleased with Davia's gentle and understanding demeanor. She didn't judge and didn't try to minimize what I was feeling. I am more intentional about my boundaries and desire for connections at home. I have good boundaries with work responsibilities and clients. I can now translate that better at home with family demands." -Stefanie Flores, LCADC, CDC Intern

Refresh & Renew Wellness Retreat - Washington, DC

"It's a rare safe space to let your guard down and be real. Davia [was] so warm and radically genuine that it inspired me to be the same. I appreciated the balance of individual reflection, partner work, and group activity. It nourished me so much. [After connecting with Davia,] I've been inspired what helping others can look like. It has encouraged my heart to have a space for therapists and healers. I've returned to therapy. I've benefited from last year's retreat and I can't wait for the next." -Crista Gambrell, LPC

Soul Sessions: Mental Health & the Christian Church

"Davia was extremely professional throughout the entire night. She was timely and really helped us to see how prevalent mental illness is in the Black, Christian Community and she shared very practical ways to serve those who have mental illnesses in a way that wasn't demeaning or offensive. As a person who was relatively ignorant regarding mental health, it was incredibly encouraging and enlightening to have Davia with us to share from of a place of courage and authenticity. The entire talk/conversation was first class and exactly what we needed for that night!" - Vecente' Coatney, Pastor

St. Edward's University: Mental Health & the Black community

“I appreciate the realness and genuineness we received from Davia from this event. Although, this was a panel of professionals, I never felt like we were on two different levels as far as a tone of pretentiousness. Davia spoke as if I could have been in a therapy session with her... and that allowed me to really drop into what she was saying because she was very engag[ing] and obviously passionate about the topic. She was one of the speakers who I wanted to hear more from.” - Deja Morgan, Event Organizer & Planner